Special Report: 7 Reasons People Fail to Recover from Fibromyalgia

Which of these 7 reasons for not recovering are

holding you back?

1. Failing to Act

A lot of people see this information and pounce on it – they are ready to get well!  Others need to think about it, read more, and so on.  While I completely respect this, often, people

get into “analysis paralysis.”  Or they decide to do it, but something comes up, as it always does, and they don’t have the money, time, etc. to implement this plan.  Sadly, many people give up before they even start.

Where there is a will there is a way!  You can have anything you want if you set your mind to it.  Action towards your goal, however inefficient, is still taking your towards your goal.  Move in the direction of your dreams.

2. Not Buying the Right Products

You really need more than the fancy yogurt at the grocery store to help heal your gut.  If you have fibromyalgia, depression, IBS, etc. your gut is likely damaged.  It takes a lot of good microbes to start to overtake all of the opportunistic bad microbes that are entrenched in your digestive system.  This is why I recommend and use a therapeutic-strength probiotic with several colonizing strains of beneficial microbes.  The one that saved my life is FermPlus Pro.

Further, with all of toxins in our modern world, our main detoxification system, our digestive system, really needs some help.  Using zeolites can help give your body the rocket-fired push it needs (but in a gentle way).  The zeolites need to be activated (cleaned out) and micronized (made small enough to pass out of your digestive system and into your circulatory system).  I use and recommend SH Zeolites in liquid or capsule form.  The liquid for those who want to take a very small amount to start with and the capsules for clearing out more toxins and for maintenance amounts.  

3. Thinking We can Fix Toxicity with Nutrition Alone

According to holistic therapist and iridologist Victoria Smith (www.SignificantHealing.com), “A big mistake a lot of people make is they think they can fix toxicity with nutrition alone, and they just can’t.”  Zeolites work in a unique way to remove toxins.  Unlike other toxin removers, such as chemical chelators that dislodge toxins and can cause further damage on the way out, zeolites have a magnetic-like attraction to heavy metals, viruses, volatile organic compounds, etc., and, on a molecular level, traps them in a little cage.  Then they are passed out through the urine and feces.  

This cannot really be accomplished with the popular herbs and juices for detoxification either.  Nutrition is extremely important for overall health and, when your body is functioning properly, the detoxification systems of the digestive system, the lymph, and the skin also work.  Most people with fibromyalgia, and its co-existing conditions, need a big hand just to get to the point where any of the detoxification systems start to run efficiently.

4. Continuing to Eat Fake Foods

What the issue here is processed foods that are not made from whole food ingredients, and have artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, fats and preservatives.  Conventional foods, as opposed to organic foods, have pesticides and GMOs (genetically modified organisms that have not been tested for long-term safety in humans).

If your life situation or your health is compromised so much so that you have to eat pre-prepared foods, then I suggest, as a start, to buy organic versions of the prepared foods you normally purchase.  That alone will take out pesticides, artificial ingredients, and GMOs.  You can get healthy eating conventional food, but only if it is made from whole food ingredients, no chemicals. 

5. Not Drinking Enough (and Not the Right Fluids)

A women who was taking my recommended products called me because she was experiencing some swelling in her feet as she was using zeolites.  The first thing I asked her was, “What are you drinking?”  She said lots of fluids, diet 7UP in particular.  Face palm!  It is highly inefficient to clear out toxins with another toxin!

In my free ebook, The Healing Cleanse there is a list of beverages that are terrific to help flush out the toxins.  Sodas and even plain water are not on the list. (If you would like the ebook, send me an email leah@thefibrolady.com.)

6. Discontinuing Products/Activities at the First Sign of Feeling Better

Your car starts to sputter, so you put gas in it.  Now it is running really well.  You don’t normally think to yourself, well that was a fluke, or I’ll never have to do that again.  You continue to feed it gas so it continues to run.  It is just part of the maintenance of owning a car.

Within a couple of weeks of starting The Healing Cleanse at full strength, most people really start to notice a difference.  All of a sudden they can do much more in a day than they could before and they feel a lessening of symptoms.  In my case, I remember complaining to my husband about how I had only gotten so much accomplished that day.  Then it hit me that I had gotten done more things on my new bad day than I had been able to do on my old good days!  

Whatever mechanism caused you to become ill with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. is still in your body.  To stay recovered, and continue to improve month over month, the zeolites and probiotic must be continued for a long while on a lower maintenance level.  Now this sounds a little like a pharmaceutical drug, but instead of masking symptoms and giving side effects, they are healing at the root cause of the issue.

Once you have achieved The Healing Quantum Leap, then it is much easier to go on to do The Complete Health Restoration phase (of Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery).  Your successes will build on each other and sooner than you think, the bad old days will be a memory.

7. Not Asking Questions or Asking for Help

There are lots of resources available when doing this system!  First there is an option of doing unlimited email coaching from Leah E. McCullough, 3 months or 6 months.  It can be purchased separately or as part of The Complete Recovery System, which includes guided meditation recordings, a video and more!

Then there is the “secret” Facebook support group, The Hope Army.  This is a community of mutual support focused on healing and recovering from fibro and other connected illnesses.  Leah monitors it daily.  To join just email Leah@TheFibroLady your email address you use for Facebook, in the subject line put The Hope Army, and you will be sent an invitation link. 

And lastly, please feel free to comment on the blogs.  A lot of people read and respond to the comments, including Leah E. McCullough.

It is my sincere wish that this special report serves you and clears up some of the questions you may have.  Feel free to contact me directly at Leah@TheFibroLady if you have a specific question.  I love answering questions and I am here to help!

Yours in joyful health, 

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