What’s Your Turkey Day Strategy?

Fibromyalgia Thanksgiving Holiday Strategy strategy What’s Your Turkey Day Strategy? Fall Picture e1479915423214Last year I got really real in this post about how much my Thanksgivings have changed.  As we gear up for the holiday this year, and the holiday season in general, my question to my clients has been, “What is your strategy for getting through the holiday?”  We have to take these occasions one day at a time, so let’s focus specifically on Thanksgiving.

Tips to creating a holiday strategy! 

  1. I sincerely hope you have someone to spend this wonderful holiday with.  Some of the loneliest times of my life were when I was a soldier and was away from family during Thanksgiving.  If you are alone this holiday, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. If you are a guest, make arrangements ahead of time to make things easier for yourself.  One of my clients included in his strategy driving separately, so he can arrive later and/or leave earlier.  If you have dietary restrictions, make a dish you can bring, share, and enjoy.  The host will likely be grateful.  (My strategy includes taking Butternut Squash Gratin and an Apple Crisp with real Whipped Cream to the celebration this year!)
  3. If you are the one hosting, accept as much help as you can get!  Let people bring side dishes and desserts.  Let everyone pitch in with the dishes, it’s actually kind of fun.  Dinner may not come out perfect, and just accept that going in (and if it does, you will be pleasantly surprised).
  4. In last year’s post I talked about how hard it was to talk to people about my life when I was ill.  For this year, I have a little experiment for you to try.  Instead of the usual turkey day banter of talking about harsh political differences, interrogating teenagers about what they are going to do with their lives, or listing one’s physical disabilities, try adding these wise suggestions to your strategy:  

Don’t Explain, Don’t Complain, and Be Encouraging.

In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses Begone!, he describes how complaining attracts more negative circumstances and people to you.  That to me was pretty clear, and I knew no one liked to hear others complain.  But the big idea for me was the genesis of complaints – explaining.  You see, when you start to explain yourself, you inevitably fall into the complaining trap.  

You are a free adult.  You do not need to justify yourself to anyone.  You do not have to share your plans and leave yourself open to criticism.  When people know you are ill, they are full of well-meaning advice.  

On the other hand, when people tell you what’s going on in their lives, be an encourager!  I remember once at a family dinner my niece said she was interested in becoming an interior decorator.  Everyone had a comment about how hard it would be, how she wouldn’t be able to get a job, or she wouldn’t make any money, etc.  Although it was well-meaning advice, I thought it wasn’t quite fair to her.  I said I thought she’d make a great interior designer.  She is a very good listener and very observant, plus she has a flair for putting things together.  With training and diligence, who knows how successful she could have become?!  (She wound up pursing other career goals, but her house is gorgeous.)

This Thanksgiving, build into your holiday strategy,  finding out about what others are doing and see how encouraging you can be.   Your words of encouragement might be just the tipping point to help someone.  By looking into others’ lives, it will help you see perspectives beyond your own.  So, even if you have not recovered yet, you may get some ideas about the kinds of things you would like to do once you do.

Speaking of recovery, how would you like for this holiday season to be DRAMATICALLY different?  

How would you like to have not only strategies for coping, but have me personally “take you by the hand” to help you recover?  If you are at all interested, then fill out an application for the Take Your Health Back Coaching Session.  During this special FREE session, we’ll work together to:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for the ideal life you’d be living with vibrant and vivacious health.
  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts and keeping you sick.

10X Healing Power

10X Healing Power 20160924 144045

Is it possible to increase your healing ability by ten times??!!  What would that mean for you?  I am on FIRE about the new energy healing techniques I learned in San Diego with internet business guru and healer, Christian Mickelsen!

Christian teaching Leah  10X Healing Power Christian Mickelsen teaching LeahLet me just say, I would not have left my family for a week and flown across country for anything other than something extraordinary, and that’s exactly what happened!

Results so far…I had a long-standing shoulder injury that healed in just five minutes!  That was a physical issue that healed, and I haven’t even mentioned the plethora of emotional issues that healed for me.  I am the most at peace I have ever been in my life, and since I was already a peaceful person, that is saying a lot!

This is what others who worked with me are saying:

10X Healing Power Chelsea Hanson Testimonial PictureWith Leah’s unique healing processes and remarkable energy-related techniques, I was able to release fibromyalgia pain from my body and it has not reoccurred.  I don’t know how she did it, but it works!  If you are suffering from chronic pain, you too can be helped through Leah’s guidance and expertise.

Chelsea Hanson, a happy client


10X Healing Power Sue P testimonial photoBy working with Leah, I was quickly able to clear the fibromyalgia 
symptoms including general fatigue and diffuse pain & muscle soreness that I have lived with for 25+ years. After this layer was peeled back and removed, other specific physical pains have presented themselves including knee and shoulder pain. These will be the next areas I will address in my wellness journey.

 Sue P.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I have been “around the block” with energy healing, and have found that most were ineffective for fibromyalgia, at least in any lasting sense.  The reason I went to this training was because I had met a woman who was healed of fibromyalgia with these healing techniques, and her mother as well.

I want to offer this to you!  I want you to feel the freedom from fibromyalgia and be at peace, if not joy, as well.  For a very limited time, and for an introductory price, I am offering Freedom from Fibromyalgia Energy Healing Sessions.  (This is way lower than the price I was advised to charge by over ten-fold!)  I am offering to meet you on the phone or Skype for three sessions (about 60 minutes each) to do this energy healing work.  It is one payment of $397 or three payments of $157 (the one payment option is a little better deal).

Results Guaranteed!

So my guarantee is this:  if after the third session, you do not feel at least 25% better, which will be up to you to decide, then you may request a full refund, no hassles. 

You really don’t have anything to lose, and how would your life be different with a 25% or more increase in your health and functioning?

My obliged disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or a lawyer, and I don’t want to hire either.  I am not making medical claims as to curing anything, diagnosing anything, or prescribing anything. These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration, thank goodness.

So click on the link here, and after your payment has been processed you will be sent a link to my calendar to schedule your appointment.  Got questions?  Feel free to email me at Leah@TheFibroLady.com.  I read all of them!

To your joy and health,



You’re Not Going to Believe the Summer I Had

I was blind-sided by summer this year!

This year’s circumstances came as quite a surprise.  As a result of my recovery from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, etc., I became pregnant with my miracle baby.  Now my “baby” is a seven-year-old little boy made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Unlike during the school year, my little boy woke up every day around 6 am ready to go-go-go!  He went all day straight until bedtime.  And he seemed to need my constant attention.  I never knew If I had fibromyalgia I wouldn't be learning Karate this Summer!  summer You’re Not Going to Believe the Summer I Had Karate with my sonJumping with my Son this summer summer You’re Not Going to Believe the Summer I Had Jumping with my Sonsomeone else could get so bored that it was painful to me.  (Here we are bouncing on the new trampoline!)  In all honesty, we had a difficult time finding our groove during the first half of summer.

I decided to “give up” on getting much done, and I focused on enjoying the time with my son.  Even though I had cut way back on work, I was able to help my private coaching clients have major breakthroughs with their health.  (See the invitation below for a FREE initial consultation.)

We went on vacation to northern Ohio to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, swam in Lake Erie and toured Put-In-Bay.  We got a season pass to a local amusement park and rode roller coasters every week.  We also continued our martial arts training (I feel like such a bad-ass now!).  All in all, we ended up having a marvelous summer!

If you would like to take your life back from the pain, fatigue and brain fog, why not join me for a FREE consultation?

During this special session we’ll work together to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’d be living with vibrant and vivacious health
  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts and keeping you sickRoller Coasters with my Son this Summer!  summer You’re Not Going to Believe the Summer I Had Roller Coasters with my Son
  • You’ll leave the session re-energized, inspired and ready to finally take control of your health once and for all

These sessions are for a limited time and spaces are limited.  To connect with a time that works for you go to www.TheFibroLadyCalendar.com. Register today and start living your new life!

Yours in joy and health,


Cope with Fibromyalgia?

How to Cope with Fibromyalgia – NOT!

How did Leah cope with Fibromyalgia cope with fibromyalgia Cope with Fibromyalgia? BeforeI don’t write a lot about coping with the symptoms of fibromyalgia for one main reason – I sucked at it!  I did not “cope” very well at all.  My life was a shambles, my pain was out-of-control, I couldn’t work, I could barely care for myself, and I was so miserable I didn’t want to live anymore.  I felt a prisoner in my own body.  Sound familiar?

I was just living a life of quiet (and sometimes not-so-quiet) desperation.  I couldn’t see a way out.  Now I know a way out, that has not only worked for me but others as well.  I compare it to being lost in the woods:  someone found a path out and led me out.  I have now gone back to help others get out.  

I don’t write about coping not only because I did not do it very well, but because I feel it’s a waste of time when I can tell you about recovering.  Yes, you need strategies to help you in the here and now, but you can find them all over the internet.  What is more unique are strategies for healing and recovery, so that is my focus.  

I want to help you recover your health so you can do whatever it is you want to do in life.  Maybe you want to lead people out of the woods too, or maybe you want to raise your children, finish school, or start a business.  Whatever it is, it will be nearly impossible if all you can do is “cope.”

You don’t need to feel like a prisoner in your own body.  For the last six years of my illness I was in bed 12-16 hours a day.  I felt stuck.  Don’t do like I did, get unstuck and take your life back.  

So if you are wondering how to cope with fibromyalgia, I invite you to follow my “roadmap” for recovery from the symptoms of fibromyalgia and its coexisting conditions.  You can read the first chapter of my book for free at https://unconventiona.wpengine.com/my-story/ .  I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

If it feels right to you, then I invite you to take a look at one of the many resources I offer, including the upcoming 3D Fibro Healing TeleClass.  Our first class is free and it is on April 21st at 7pm EST.  To get information go to www.3DFibro.com/optin .

I look forward to hearing about your recovery and what you do once you take back your life!

Yours in joy and health,



Got Seasonal Allergies? Try this Immune System Booster

Immune System Booster for seasonal allergies seasonal allergies Got Seasonal Allergies? Try this Immune System Booster agarigus goldGot Seasonal Allergies?  Try this Immune System Booster

About three months into my recovery from fibromyalgia, I started using Agaricus Gold and it turbo-charged my recovery!  I had chronic, swollen lymph glands under my jaw bone that were so bad, that it looked like I had an orangutan double-chin (not pretty!).

The swelling subsided and that constant scratchy throat feeling went away.  Not only that, but I started giving it to my husband eight years ago for his seasonal allergies.  The first year he still needed the Zyrtec.  The second year he only needed it occasionally.  By the third year on he didn’t have seasonal allergies at all!  They have remained gone all these years later and although he doesn’t take the Agaricus Gold regularly, just when he feels like he’s coming down with something.

This amazing mushroom has been known to have strong medicinal effects:

    • lowering blood sugar
    • strengthening bones
    • aiding in the digestive system
    • reducing blood pressure
    • boost heart health
    • lower the risk of cancer
    • promote immune function
    • ward off viruses, bacteria, and FUNGI
    • reduce inflammation
    • combat seasonal allergies
    • help balance blood sugar levels
    • support the bodies detoxification mechanisms

Improve your bodies’ defense against foreign invaders by enhancing the ability of macrophages, neutrophils and Natural Killer cells (NK cells) to fight a wide range of challenges such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.  Agaricus Gold agaricus blazei mushroom extract is made from the mushrooms that contain the highest level of beta glucans, which are a polysaccharide compound, of all the medicinal mushrooms tested by far.  

You can purchase Agaricus Gold online from Ripples Health Shop.

Where’s Leah?  In Ohio and All over!

North Carolina Integrated Medicine  Where’s Leah?  In Ohio and All over! IMG 2181Since completing the telesummit, I have been traveling quite a bit. Here is a quick summary of what’s been happening!

A Keynote Speaker at a Medical Conference

This was one of the high-points of my career!  I was one of the keynote speakers at the Southeast Regional Integrative Medical Conference 2016.  It was held March 4-5, 2016 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

I have officially gone from doctors telling me “it’s all in your head” to “thank you for your presentation” !!  I presented to them the methods I used to recover from fibromyalgia and its coexisting conditions, how they can implement it with their patients, and the stories about how others have recovered using this method too.  

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about how my talk would be received, but these medical professionals were so gracious and open to learning new information.  I actually went to the other classes for my own education.  There was fantastic information there.

I unveiled my brand new Freedom from Fibromyalgia Professional Certification Course.  Soon we will have listings of medical professionals all over that can partner with the members of our community.


Since I live in Ohio, you would think I speak there a lot.  I actually present all over the country, but in April I have an unprecedented three speaking appearances in Ohio.  

The first one was near Cincinnati, The Younique Wellness Expo on Saturday, April 2.  My topic was 3D Healing.

The next one I did was near Lima, and it’s the Allen County Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter.  It was on Monday, April 11.  I love presenting to WAPF chapters!

The third one is a bit different for me – I will be doing a marketing talk to aspiring authors at The Dayton Book Expo on Saturday, April 30th, (time to be announced).  I will be part of a panel of authors that have self-published their books.  The admission is free and will be held at Sinclair Community College in Dayton.

Free Support

I am part of two fibromyalgia support groups that meet in Ohio.  I attend every other month to the Cincinnati or Dayton Fibro Fighters.  If you are interested check it out on http://www.meetup.com/Cincinnati-Fibro-Fighters/ or http://www.meetup.com/cincinnati-Dayton-Fibro-Fighters/ .

If you are not able to make it to our in-person support groups I invite you to join our secret FaceBook Group, The Hope Army.  To join send an email to leah@thefibrolady.com, subject The Hope Army, and include the email address you use to log into FaceBook.  An invitation link will be sent to you.  Once you join, please introduce yourself to the group and let us welcome you!

Big Announcement – Everywhere!

On the heels of The Healing Fibromyalgia – Chronic Fatigue – ME World TeleSummit I am pleased to announce the start of a group class called the 3D Fibro Healing TeleClass.  

The first class is FREE and we will have 5 calls total, consisting of information and Q&A time.  This is a fantastic opportunity to go through the Freedom from Fibromyalgia 7 Steps to Complete Recovery with me holding your hand all along the way.

We will have the first class on Thursday, April 21st at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time (4:00 p.m. Pacific) and then the other classes will go over a period of 7 weeks.  This gives you the opportunity to see your results over time and to ASK, ASK, ASK questions about your specific situation.  Everyone will learn from each other!

To receive notifications about this exciting new class, go to www.3DFibro.com/signup and sign up with your name and email address. As a thank you for signing up, you will receive my NEW special report “Natural Ways to Reduce and Even Eliminate Fibromyalgia Pain.”  

If you know of or have a group that would like an inspirational, informative and engaging speaker, feel free to contact me at Leah@TheFibroLady.com.

Well, that’s about it for now!  Keep up to date on all my happenings on the Where’s Leah tab on my website and stay in touch with me on FaceBook, Twitter, and, YouTube.

Yours in joy and health,


The Fibro Lady

Get Rid of a Hangover

The Unconventional Hangover Remedy You’ve Probably Never Heard 

hangover remedy  Get Rid of a Hangover hang over remedyI like to drink a little wine, but sometimes even only a little wine will cause me to have a hangover.  So even if you like to drink a little, or even a lot, if you have never heard of this unconventional “cure” for a hangover, then I’ve got something for you!

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy mainly used for vomiting and hangovers, basically supporting the body to remove toxins.  (Not to be confused with holistic, homeopathy is a type of holistic healing.)  Homeopathic remedies work on the principal “like cures like,” meaning something that causes illness is the same energetic signature that stimulates healing.  For example the remedy for a bee sting is homeopathic bee sting, Apis.  Homeopathic remedies do not contain active ingredients, just energetic signatures, so they do not contraindicate with other medication.  Also homeopathics are very inexpensive especially compared to other medications.  One tube of homeopathic pellets is around $8.  

I originally learned about homeopathy from being involved in the Weston A. Price Foundation, an organization dedicated restoring nutrient dense foods in our diet.  In their quarterly journal, Wise Traditions, the Classical Homeopath Joette Calabrese, writes a regular column about healing with homeopathy and nutrition.  She has an amazing website full of free resources, classes, kits and even consultations.  She is such an inspiration to me!

Although the homeopathic remedies seem to work like magic, they just support your body’s own innate healing.  This remedy, Nux Vomica, like most other homeopathic remedies, work very subtly.   One may find they have a raging headache one moment, get very sleepy in the next moment, or the symptoms just dissolve with nary a memory of their existence.

Although homeopathics are not my area of expertise, I use the 200c strength remedies as often as possible.  I like this brand for Nux Vomic 200c.  I’m new to this so this may not be the most accurate thing to do, but I find them to work faster.   

If you would like to learn more about homeopathy I suggest you check out a couple of resources.  The book I use in my home is Homeopathic Self Care.  It’s so important to me that it is one of the books I would never lend out.  I often find this book next to the display of homeopathic remedies at the health food store.

I am not a practitioner, I just let people know about what’s working for me and others.  If you would like professional advice, I very highly recommend Joette Calabrese.  

Here are the Unconventional Hangover Remedy Steps:

Prevent a Hangover

  1. Drink plenty of fluids, but not just plain water before, during and after alcohol intake.  (If all you have is water, add a pinch or so of unrefined sea salt, such as Celtic or Himalayan, to each glass.)  Other beneficial fluids would include milk, broth, beet kvass or even herbal tea.
  2. Do not use homeopathic remedies within at least 10 minutes of having anything like coffee, mint (toothpaste), eucalyptus, or menthol.
  3. Before bed take 3-5 pellets of Nux Vomica 200c under the tongue and let dissolve.

If You Have a Hangover

  1. When first arising take 5 (more) pellets of Nux Vomica 200c under the tongue and let dissolve.
  2. Take another 5 pellets every 2 hours until symptoms fade, up to 4 doses.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids listed in #1 above, and stay away from items listed in #2 above.
  4. If you are so sick that you are vomiting and having the dry heaves and can’t keep anything down, here’s a trick.  Put the pellets in a small jar with some water.  Put the lid on and shake the jar about 10 times.  Dose yourself by putting some of this water on a spoon and put that under your tongue, just enough to not cause you to vomit.

Additional Steps

When I was in the Army, our Saturday morning run was often referred to as a “beer run.”  It helped heal the damage Friday night beers inflicted.  The reason seems to be because oxygen to the brain really helps a hangover.  So consider going for a run or a brisk walk.  If you can’t do that consider this:  lay down and take 30-40 deep breaths.  (Inhale all the way using your stomach, stop for a second with your lungs full, exhale out all the way, and stop for a second with your lungs empty.)  This can make you a little off-balance so you need to be lying down.

Do you have any hangover strategies?  Please share in the comments.

My wish for you is to have a joyful, healthy and safe holiday season!


The Fibro Lady


Are You Missing the Celebration… Again?

Missing the Celebration  Are You Missing the Celebration… Again? missing the party 2
If you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, this can be the most frustrating time of the year, instead of the most wonderful, like it should be.

I know. I have been there and I have the scars on my heart to prove it.  Because of my absence I have damaged relationships beyond repair.  Not being there also counts, but not for anything good, unfortunately.

How confusing are the symptoms of fibromyalgia to the one who suffers?  

How more confusing must it be for someone who only sees you a few times a year?  

This is a difficult article for me to write as I explore the repercussions of the period of time in my life I had to cancel my attendance to events, and usually at the last minute.  I actually just got to the point where I would not make any commitments rather than be a flake.  It was very isolating, which only added to my loneliness and depression.

One of my biggest regrets is that I missed out on getting to know my nieces and nephews when they were small.  When each one of them were born I really wanted a close relationship with them.  Now I am just a familiar stranger to them, and it really breaks my heart.  

What has this disease cost you in terms of relationships?  I was fortunate, my marriage survived, but a lot of peoples’ don’t fare as well.  Also, my relationship with my child is intact mainly because I had him after I recovered.  I know a lot of parents who are unable to be the kind of parents they want to be.

If you have to miss the celebration this season, I understand.  At the end of the day, you are dealing with an illness that is often invisible.  You have to take care of yourself first.  I feel for you, and I know that this too shall pass.

But please realize that relationships require attendance.  You have to be there to connect.  And isn’t connection what everyone is seeking?  To feel the warmth of love and friendship with the people we care about the most.  You have to be there to make the memories.

Now that I have recovered I have made new relationships and have deepened old ones.  I can’t turn back time, and like I state before, some relationships have been damaged beyond repair.  However, I am so grateful that I can now be there, I get to connect, and I get to make memories with the people I care about most.

What is your greatest wish?  How are you going to make it happen?  Do you have an example of anyone else achieving this dream?  

This has been difficult to write about, so I want to add a bright spot.  In the New Year we will be unveiling some free support resources for you to show you a path out of this darkness.  Be on the lookout for the announcement of The Fibromyalgia – Chronic Fatigue – ME World Telesummit that will be broadcast January 26th-28th, 2016.

We are very excited about this!  I will be interviewing experts all over the world that are helping people recover naturally from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and their coexisting conditions.  Real help, real hope, great information.

From the bottom of my heart, this holiday season, I wish for you the feelings of joy, health, understanding and peace.  


The Fibro Lady

The Secret Names for MSG

The Secret Names of MSG

Excerpted from the book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery, ©2014 by Leah E. McCullough, All Rights Reserved

I used “secret names” in the title of this chapter because on food labels, the words monosodium glutamate (MSG) do not always appear even though it is an ingredient. As I’ve been researching natural health I’ve been shocked to find that not all ingredients listed on food labels are all the ingredients in the food—some don’t have to be listed at all and some can be listed under such terms as “spices” to disguise what they really are.

You see, it’s required by the FDA that food manufacturers list the ingredient monosodium glutamate on food labels, but they do not have to label ingredients that contain free glutamic acid, even though it’s the main component of MSG. There are over forty labeled ingredients that contain glutamic acid,26 but you’d never know it just from their names alone. Further, in some foods glutamic acid is formed during processing and, again, food labels give you no way of knowing for sure.27

If you see any of the below-mentioned terms on a food label, I would avoid that food because, unless it is labeled as organic, more than likely it contains MSG. Also, the vast majority of restaurant food has MSG in it. Not only is it a neurotoxin but it can cause you to gain weight!

Here is a list of ingredients that ALWAYS contain MSG:28

Autolyzed yeast Calcium caseinate
Glutamate Glutamic acid
Monopotassium glutamate Monosodium glutamate
Textured protein Yeast extract
Yeast nutrient Sodium caseinate
Gelatin Yeast food
Hydrolyzed protein

These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG  during processing:29

Flavors and flavorings Seasonings Natural flavors and flavorings
Natural chicken flavoring Soy sauce Soy protein isolate
Stock Broth Malt extract
Anything enzymemodified Carrageenan Maltodextrin
Protease Corn starch Citric acid
Natural pork flavoring Anything ultrapasteurized Soy protein
Malt flavoring Pectin Powdered milk
Natural beef flavoring Bouillon Barley malt
Enzymes Anything proteinfortified

Note: Natural, homemade stock and broth may contain some trace amounts of glutamic acid or glutamates. Gelatin, such as Bernard Jensen’s 100% Bovine Gelatin, and traditionally fermented soy sauce do contain trace amounts of naturally occurring glutamates. Unless you are extremely sensitive, the health benefits of these foods (with the exception of the traditionally fermented soy sauce) far outweigh the minute amounts of glutamates.

End notes:

26 “MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Cabinets?” Joseph Mercola, last modified April 21, 2009, accessed March 19, 2014, http://articles.mercola.com/ sites/articles/archive/2009/04/21/msg-is-this-silent-killer-lurking-in-your-kitchencabinets.aspx.

27 Ibid.

28 Ibid.

29 Ibid.

Happy Holidays from The Fibro Lady Team

Happy Holidays from The Fibro Lady Team

Happy Holidays happy holidays Happy Holidays from The Fibro Lady Team Screen Shot 2015 12 09 at 7This is me, my team, and my little elf at the Team Party we had at my home last weekend.  To show them my appreciation for all of their hard work I made them a gourmet meal of Beef Burgundy and Apple Crisp for dessert.  I also made my Party Ranch Dip for veggies and chips and I have included the easy recipe in this newsletter.  (The other recipes will be posted in upcoming newsletters.)

The Fibro Lady is not just me, Leah, but it is a group of dedicated individuals working as a team to help end the suffering of fibromyalgia and its coexisting conditions.

Some people think I sit at my kitchen table and write blog posts (and sometimes I do!).  I am a Natural Healing Expert, but I am not an expert in accounting, or digital marketing and all of the other specialties needed to get this message out into the world to the people who need it most.  Without their expertise I would not be able to help as many people as I have.

So I want to thank my team from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful work they do.  I also want to thank my family (especially my husband, Carl) for being so supportive, and I want to thank you, the readers, for all of the wonderful feedback you have given me.  I truly hope each and every one of you have a healthy and blessed holiday season.

Yours in Joyful Health,


The Fibro Lady