Fibromyalgia Support at your Finger Tips and an Announcement for 2016

There are Fibromyalgia Support Options! fibromyalgia support Fibromyalgia Support at your Finger Tips and an Announcement for 2016 inflammation 30

Why provide fibromyalgia support? I am on a personal mission to help people recover from fibromyalgia and its coexisting conditions.  To reach this goal, my team and I offer multiple resources to support you on your healing journey, most of which are FREE.  You don’t have to go on this journey alone, we are here to help you!

Virtual Fibromyalgia Support

  • On the The Fibro Lady YouTube Channel
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Interactive Fibromyalgia Support

  • The Fibro Lady Facebook Page
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  • The Fibro Hope Support “Closed” Facebook Group
        • This is an online support group that I personally monitor daily
        • To join the group, search for “fibro hope support” on Facebook  or go to and request to join the the group.

In-Person Fibromyalgia Support

  • One-on-one Private Coaching
  • Monthly Packages
  • Unlimited email coaching
  • Local Support Groups – The Fibro Fighters
    • We are currently developing curriculum for local support groups nationally
    • Right now we have two groups on

Big Announcements!  Coming Soon:

    • January 26-28, 2016
    • 12 Experts in Natural Healing sharing actionable information
    • The first-ever event of its kind!
    • Bonuses and surprises!
  • 3D Fibromyalgia Healing Teleseminar
    • Starts February, 2016 after the World Telesummit
    • Put the information you learn in the Telesummit into action!
    • It spans over 6 weeks of information, bonuses and interaction where everyone gets to hear everyone else’s questions.  
  • Resource List of MORE Practitioners
    • We will be enlisting more help with recovery from healing professionals all over through The Freedom from Fibromyalgia Certification Course for Healing Professional.
    • Once complete, these professionals will be listed by specialty and geographic area

We have been very busy and we have exciting plans going on now and in the near future to provide even more fibromyalgia support options.  Stay tuned!

Yours in joy and health,




Pets for Fibromyalgia

Why Do Many Chronicly Ill Patients have Pets?

Pets & Fibromyalgia pets Pets for Fibromyalgia Annie and LeahI get to talk to people every day that have a chronic illness of some kind.  When talking about comfort measures, an often overlooked one is pets.  When I was severely ill with fibromyalgia and its coexisting conditions I had several pets that meant the world to me.  They were part of my family and my link to the world.

I lived in a two-story house and I had to go down both flights of steps to let the dogs out into the yard.  Some days it was all I could do to get up and down those steps to let them out.  I was actually wishing for a one level house, which, ironically now that I’m well, I now live in.  But going up and down those steps, and letting them outside and interacting with them, was part of the bridge that kept me in this world.

It can be very difficult for “normal” people to understand how isolating it is to have a chronic illness.  In my case, I lost my job, I lost most of my friends; my family relationships were strained, and at the worst points, the only “social” interactions I had were with health care providers.  I wasn’t shopping, going to restaurants or going to movies.  I felt like an elderly shut-in person, which is awful for anyone but, for an outgoing and friendly person such as myself, that is even more terrible.

There were times when I was so depressed and in so much pain that the only things that kept me in this world were my husband, my parents and my pets.  My sweet little pets were my non-judgmental friends that were a great comfort to me.  Petting and interacting with them was a tangible way to get some much needed social and emotional stimulation.  I was very fortunate that my husband was able to take care of the litter boxes and take the dogs for a walk.  The only thing I could do with them was let them out into our fenced back yard, as I mentioned above.

When I started to recover, my fur babies were right there with me.  In the mornings I would get up to spend some time with my husband before he left for work.  Normally, after he left, I would go back to bed, and sometimes that would be the best sleep I could get.  As I started to recover, I started sleeping normally and I didn’t have to lay down in the morning.  After my husband left in the morning, the gang would start trotting down the hall to the bedroom, but when I didn’t follow they got confused.  This was one of the signs for me that things had really changed.

Be Fibro Free pets Pets for Fibromyalgia Issy and Leah 2One of the more “impossible” things I thought could never happen was horseback riding:  I was too heavy, my boots wouldn’t fit because my feet had grown, and my knees were shot.  Much to my surprise, after I lost 70 pounds, my feet and calves shrunk so much that my from college fit again and my knees didn’t hurt anymore.  I began taking riding lessons again and after an over 20 year hiatus I was shocked how my body remembered to ride.  It was wonderful!

I have been so well for over seven years now so all those precious pets have now gotten old and passed away.  We wanted to wait awhile before we got any more pets, but the house didn’t feel like a home without a dog and a cat.  After our last cat died we only waited three months before we got our new cat Mitzi, and after our last dog died we only waited five months before we got our new dog, Annie.

What types of comfort measures have you taken that have worked to alleviate the social and emotional isolation that having a chronic illness makes?  Also I would love to see a picture of your fur babies, preferably with you!

Season’s Greetings or Season of Pain?

Happy Holidays from The McCullough Familty  Season's Greetings or Season of Pain? McCullough Family

Happy Holidays from The McCullough Familty

Happy Holidays?

Are you looking forward to the holidays or are you already so miserable that the thought of doing more sends you into a panic? For people with chronic illnesses this is one of the most painful times of the year. What I call “The Season of Pain” tends to start around Halloween and end sometime before St. Patrick’s Day. That is a big chunk of your year to feel bad! Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other illnesses seem to have exacerbated symptoms this time of year. There are several reasons for this, but I think it is not a coincidence that the exacerbation coincides with these Triggers:

  • Less sunlight – SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Greater consumption of sugar (that’s why it starts with Halloween!)
  • Disruptions in routines/travel
  • Being around more people – toxic family relationships
  • Stress
  • Weird foods (or just weird-to-you)
  • Cold and flu season
  • Colder weather

What to do to help?

            Some people think that The Season of Pain is inevitable, but I know that one can have vibrant health all year long. Here are some strategies to keep you healthy during this trying time:

  1. Stress is an attitude. Cut down activities to only the necessary ones and deeply enjoy those.
  2. Take a detox bath (soak in a hot bath of 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup of sea salt).
  3. Drink extra Raise the Dead Chicken Broth
  4. Cut out sugar and fake foods. (If you must have something sweet, see my recipe in this newsletter for Cold Whipped Hot Chocolate.)
  5. Take extra of the following supplements:
    1. For depression and cold-fighting (Vitamins A, D and K₂): fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil capsules
    2. Therapeutic grade probiotic such as FermPlus Pro
    3. If you feel a cold starting, to support the immune system take an extract of the Agarigus Blazei mushroom
  6. Investigate homeopathics for yourself. These are remedies you take at the first sign of symptoms and they do not interact with any medications. The following are my go-to remedies for myself and my family this time of year:
    1. If you feel a cold coming on – Cold Calm
    2. If you feel the flu coming on – Oscillococcinum
    3. If you feel nervous or anxious – Calms
  7. Meridian tapping for dealing with toxic people and situations (described in detail in my book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery)

Be sure to tune in to our free monthly Hope Army Webinar on Monday, Dec. 22th at 7 pm EST. My guest, Victoria Smith, Holistic Therapist, will be discussing more strategies to deal with the Season of Pain so that this year you can look forward to holidays!