Recover from Fibromyalgia

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This complimentary online training class is for people interested in natural recovery from fibromyalgia but are overwhelmed by all the things they think they need to learn.

Do you feel like you just don’t have the time, energy,

or can’t cut through the brain fog?


Imagine you have all the energy, mental clarity and stamina to get through a normal day.  You wake up feeling well-rested, you have purpose in your life and feeling good is normal.  You are no longer a prisoner in your own body, you have the freedom that comes from good health.

You’ve come to the right place if…

black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark Every time you try the latest new supplement that is supposed to help with fibromyalgia symptoms, you are extremely disappointed.  Nothing really helps all that much, and you’ve just wasted MORE money.
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark Health care practitioners, doctors particularly, don’t understand how bad the symptoms are.  The pain can be indescribably excruciating.  The fatigue is crushing – “I’m too tired to sleep!”   The depression is like living in a dark pit.  The feelings of worthlessness can be overwhelming.
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark You are sick and tired of people saying, “But you don’t look sick.  Sometimes you even wonder if this really isn’t “all in your head.”
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark You are frustrated with prescription medications just masking symptoms and not helping any of the root causes of the disease.  Heavy-duty pain killers and psychotropic drugs have awful side effects, that cause an endless loop of more drugs and less effectiveness.
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark People send you news clips of the latest and greatest news about a new supplement, but practitioners are not knowledgeable about how to use them to help you.
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark You sign up for a program or therapy, spend a lot of money, time and effort just to find it impossible to do all the steps and feel shamed for not doing them.  They seem to have no understanding of what it’s like to be sick.

I’ve got GREAT news for you – you are SO in the right place right now!

Recover from Fibromyalgia  3D Fibro Healing Opt In leah e mccullough the fibromyalgia ladyMy name is Leah McCullough, and I’m affectionately known as The Fibro Lady.

Why?  Because after I recovered from fibromyalgia myself, I set out on a mission to help others recover as well.

In fact, I have been recovered for 8 years now not only from fibromyalgia, but from a whole host of other coexisting conditions such as chronic fatigue, pre-diabetes, pre-heart disease, pre-hypertension, migraines, major depression, anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), infertility and morbid obesity.  I went on to lose over 100 pounds and have a baby.  

Now instead of being on disability, I’m able to take care of my family, cook delicious dinners and run my business.  I am able to contribute to my community and charities of my choice.  Also, I run in races and I train with my very energetic dog.  

I have what I did to recover broken down to a science.  A system that has helped hundreds of people already.The Healing Cleanse  3D Fibro Healing Opt In Screen Shot 2016 04 21 at 4

What’s my secret?  Well, here it is in a nutshell –

The Healing Cleanse

Yes, all of my health and healing go back to the one thing that was the big game-changer, The Healing Cleanse.

This free class includes

black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark The No-Matter-What mindset you need to have before you spend ONE MINUTE trying to plan out your course of action.  This ONE shift will change the way you do EVERYTHING in a FANTASTIC way (you’ll discover how EASY it can be to make the right decisions for your health and have your family THANKING you for it.)
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark 3 questions you must ask before moving forward with a health program.  (Don’t do this and you can really miss the mark with your plan.)
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark The 3 key PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL components for making a Quantum Leap in your health. (Hint – these were key to my success.)
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark The SACRED but FORGOTTEN food for incredible ENERGY and stamina.  (Plus 3 EASY ways to get it into your diet.)
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark My simple formula for combining just two elements to start your Healing Quantum Leap. Jumpstart your healing and see a big difference in your energy and stamina.
black-check-mark  3D Fibro Healing Opt In black check mark And much more!

I can’t wait to show you exactly how it’s done so you can start on your healing journey so that you can take your life back.  All you need to do is enter your name and email address and we’ll immediately get started!

“… recovery is possible.”

“In her book Leah shares a wonderful account of how her life transfoDoctor treating Chronic Pain  3D Fibro Healing Opt In blatman mdrmed from pain and suffering with fibromyalgia to recovery and ability to resume activities.  Her path demonstrates that fibromyalgia is a disabling medical condition, and that recovery is possible.”

Hal Blatman, MD, DAAPM, ABIHM

Medical Director of Blatman Health and Wellness Center, Past President of the American Holistic Medical Association


“…I am sooooo much healthier and happier!”

“I don’t know if you’ll remember me.  I heard you speak in Northern Virginia in August, read your book, and then you and I talked on the phone.  Fast forward about six weeks, and I am sooooo much healthier and happier!  I have been using your products and eating as you suggest, and I’ve experienced nothing short of a miracle!  On the day I heard you speak in August, I bought desiccated liver pills at my local healthy food store and started taking them right away.  I went on vacation with my family where I went hiking, mountain biking, and paddle boarding (against a current).  I walked all over a very large home and estate one day without getting too tired or being in too much pain; I wasn’t complaining any more than the rest of my family. After all of the activities we did, I didn’t have to stay in to rest which was a big surprise to me and my husband.  I read your book on vacation and slept a lot which was great. When we came home, I started the ferm plus pro and the zeolite supplement plus started drinking broth. I’m eating full fat dairy plus sauerkraut and poultry eggs every day. I’ve cut out caffeine and sugar, and am staying away from gluten.

The first week of September I wanted to go for a walk on a wooded hiker/biker trail about two blocks from our house but down a big hill.  My 13 year old daughter went with me.  We drove down the hill, parked, and got out to walk.  I drove so that I wouldn’t have to walk back up the hill and it was fine.  About three weeks later, my daughter and I rode our bikes over 10 very hilly miles to go see the Pope — amazing!  I not only kept up with my daughter, but rode my bike up a big hill near our house while my daughter (who runs cross country and swims competitively year round) got off her bike and walked up the hill — incredible!  A few days later, I hiked for four hours in the Catoctin Mountains. I kept up with my friends, one plays hockey and another is a marathon runner. One of them had been with me on vacation in August and could see a huge improvement in my health.

I’ve had some really great days recently. I woke up on a gorgeous, sunny day last month with a smile on my face and thought this is a view into what it’s going to be like down the road for me, this is how I’m supposed to feel: rested, happy, like my systems are working, and with little pain. It’s taken me a long time to get to the lowest places of my illnesses (I have rheumatoid arthritis, too) and I’m so happy that I can see the good stuff just over the next few hills. My family members are happier, too, because I’m healthier and happier and nicer. Wow.

I wake up or fall asleep thinking about the things I’m grateful for, including fibromyalgia. I’m learning to love fibro because if it had not happened, if I didn’t get the chance to recover, I wouldn’t know how sweet the recovery, and life, could be. This morning when I was thinking of all the things I’m grateful for, your name came to mind. I’m so grateful for you and grateful that you were sick, so that you could help me. I hope that makes sense. Stephen Colbert lost his dad and brothers to a plane crash and says that the thing that crushed him, his mother, and his family is also the thing he has learned to love. Because of the crash and the emotional recovery from it, he learned to fully live and appreciate all of his blessings. That’s me: I know that the journey is a blessing and when I’m really recovered, I will never forget what it was like to be in so much pain and to be so tired that I imagined being completely ready for my life to be over when my time comes (which is NO way I wanted to think and live given that I’m a Type A in a wonderful marriage with two active kids).

Thank you, Leah.  Thank you for writing your book.  I’ve pointed others to your website and plan to take my message of recovery to my fibro support group the next t
ime we meet.

Name Withheld for Privacy, Maryland, USA


“… your book and posts have probably saved my life.”

“Leah, I am so glad to make your day because your book and posts have probably saved my life.  Your book is well written.  I have to compare it to Beth Moore Bible Study.  I love to read her studies because I feel like we are sitting down in the coziest of places and feeling more comfortable than I have in years just talking about the things that bother us.  Your book felt that way to me.  …..  For the last 4 years I have had so much trouble remembering simple things and to present the plan would put me over the edge in stress.  I loved this career.  I became very fearful of dementia related illness.  The Fog has lifted spoke to me and it said enough is enough.  I want to think clearly and feel good enough to live my life vigorously.  Also Appendix III Meridian Tapping.  I have a host of stressful life changing events that I am sure began as a small child and continued throughout adulthood.  I want you to know that within the last week I was able to present a small business plan, sell a group benefit plan with confidence.  Did I mess up – yes – but I could think better than I have in years.


Pennie C., Rising Sun, Indiana, USA


“I strongly encourage you to talk to Leah!”

“LeVictoria Smith  3D Fibro Healing Opt In Victoria Smithah is an expert in collaborating information needed by those whom are suffering from Fibromyalgia.  If you or anyone you love has this horrendous condition, I strongly encourage you to talk
to Leah!”

Victoria Smith

Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, founder of Significant Healing Well Care Practice

“…so much energy…”

It’s only been 2 days but I got up today with so much energy I vacuumed and cleaned my whole downstairs while entertaining my 6 month old!! For the first time in MANY years, I am truly hopeful that this protocol might be the one!! I can’t wait until I am living out the whole book completely! So grateful for you Leah E McCullough!!And so will my whole family!!

Liz C., St. Louis, Missouri, USA


“Thank you for doing what you do!!!”

“I have so many Fibro patients and I wanted to tell you I’ve started highly recommending your book!  Thank you for doing what you do!!!  As an osteopath, I think a lot of FM and chronic pain patients gravitate towards that kind of care and so many I see have been told there is nothing that can be done and they are really at the end of their rope.  It has been so helpful for me as a physician and (I hope) for my patients that I have been able to say that there are absolutely things that can be done to make this better and things that work because I know someone who has done it.  Now, it’s not some hollow advice I’m giving that I read about in a clinical trial or learned in medical school.  I can say, “I have met someone who was where you are and I have seen her healthy, happy and chasing after a toddler with all of this far in her rearview.”  I know that makes me feel better, and I sincerely hope it helps to give people hope.  I remember you telling me your story and being so amazed at what you overcame. You have done such wonderful things to help people.  Looks like lots of exciting things on the horizon for you!”

Kristie Downs, DO


“… rid yourself of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.”

This is a wonderful book that gives you the steps on how to get healthy and rid yourself of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  It also has good information in general for anyone suffering from a chronic disease.  I recommend it to my patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression and PTSD.”

Elizabeth Case, MD


“I met her six years ago when she was first starting her mission and was amazed at the perseverance…”

“I know several women who all suffer from fibromyalgia and the debilitating pain associated with this condition. All of them have been told it is all in your head, you will have to learn to deal with it, there is no cure, and there is no hope. Leah has shown all of this to be completely false. While she does not claim to have a cure, she has been symptom free going on six years. I met her six years ago when she was first starting her mission and was amazed at the perseverance, tenacity, and passion this young woman had for bringing some degree of hope to others with fibromyalgia. I encourage everyone who has the symptoms of unexplained pain, no hope, no support, and no plan to read Leah’s book. At the very least it will show you how at least one person went from being bedridden to running marathons, losing over 100 pounds, and producing a miracle baby. There is hope – read all about it.”

Thomas Lunney

Founder, American Small Business Centers, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


“…your path to healing from fibromyalgia is brilliant…”

“I believe your book and your effort to share your experiences in your path to healing from fibromyalgia is brilliant and has the potential to help thousands of sufferers.”

John Moore, MD

Founder Synergistic Health Centers

About Leah McCullough

Recover from Fibromyalgia  3D Fibro Healing Opt In leah e mccullough the fibromyalgia ladyLeah E. McCullough, affectionately known as The Fibro Lady, is the voice for fibromyalgia recovery.  She recovered her health in a short period of time from severe, debilitating fibromyalgia and the coexisting conditions of chronic fatigue, major depression, anxiety, PTSD, IBS, pre-diabetes, migraines, infertility and morbid obesity.  She went on to lose over 100 pounds and have a baby.  She is on a mission to help others recover their health so they can take their lives back.

Leah is a sought-after Natural Healing Expert, a national speaker and author of the book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery. She has been interviewed on radio, television and the Internet about fibromyalgia recovery.  She currently lives with her family in the Dayton, Ohio area, and ran in many races including the US Air Force Half Marathon.