A Mission of Recovery #FibroFree

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Be Fibro Free  A Mission of Recovery #FibroFree Complete Recovery from FibromyalgiaIn case it is not obvious, I am on a personal mission to let people know that fibromyalgia does not have to be a life sentence.  People are recovering from it all the time, all over the world.  I want to highlight and celebrate what people are now able to do through pictures.  In social media, if you put the hashtag symbol, #, in front of a phrase, it will set it apart for search engines and groups.  To inspire and motivate others, I am putting up pictures of myself and others doing amazing things now that we are #fibrofree.

So far I have put up kind of mundane things like the putting the wash out on the line, but I have put up other pictures like being in a giant bouncy ball (it was so much fun!).  I could have NEVER done any of those things when I was sick!  Now I can do anything I want:  I have energy, strength and endurance.  I get up every day excited about life and I live it.  This is what I want for others to know:  this is possible for you too!

Run half marathon fibro free  A Mission of Recovery #FibroFree run a half marathonJoin the Fibromyalgia RECOVERY Awareness movement and post your pictures with the #fibrofree, even if you are still recovering, we want to celebrate with you!  Then we can meetup on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Also feel free to Like “The Fibro Lady” while you’re at it.  I can’t wait to see how you are living your life #fibrofree!


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