Freedom From Fibromyalgia = Freedom from Braces

I’m so excited to share with you this little victory I realized recently!  My digital marketing consultant, Teri, was over and she was on her way to doing an event for an orthopedic bracing company. At the event, they were collected gently used durable medical equipment for Matthew 25 Ministries.

I said I have a bunch of braces (from the bad old days!) I want to donate. After I had gathered everything, Teri had me lay all these braces and wraps out on the table to take a picture – she said, “This is amazing! You need to share this with your community!”  So here’s the picture of all kinds of braces and wraps I haven’t needed in ten years – for nearly every joint!Freedom from Braces  Freedom From Fibromyalgia = Freedom from Braces no more braces

Since I published my book five years ago, I have heard from so many people who now don’t need their canes and even walkers.  Many are even going on to do long walks, and even enter 5Ks! (I never needed a cane, but I did have to use the motorized wheelchair at the grocery store. ) Fortunately, now, I can go to the grocery store and put away the groceries and cook a simple dinner, all in about a 2 hour time period, without being completely wiped out!

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