Sweet and Salty Orange Juice Spritzer

Sweet and Salty Orange Juice Spritzer

By Leah E. McCullough ©2015

Makes 1 liter

This recipe is based on my recipe for Smooth Water for the hydration and minerals, but incorporates fresh squeezed orange juice for additional Vitamin C.  Perfect for when someone is sick and they need to drink a lot of fluids.  There is just enough sweet orange juice flavor to make this tasty, but not too much to affect blood sugar levels, like plain orange juice will.  Because heat and time destroy Vitamin C, I get the OJ from a local store that makes fresh squeezed orange juice daily.

Orange Juice Spritzer  ingredients:

¼ cup fresh-squeezed orange juice

½  tsp. unrefined sea salt (such as as Real Salt, Himalayan, or Celtic Sea Salt)

Filtered water

Sparkling Mineral Water (such as Gerolsteiner, Perrier or San Pelligrino)

Orange Juice Spritzer method:

In a 1 liter bottle, add the orange juice and the salt, stir.  Fill the bottle with filtered water about two thirds of the way full.  Top off with mineral water, stir and enjoy.