Who is Buying Freedom from Fibromyalgia?


how to recover from fibromyalgia  Who is Buying Freedom from Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia recovery bookBelieve it or not, a lot of people who buy the book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete

Recovery don’t have fibromyalgia.  Some people buy it for the nutrition information, some for the story

of my recovery, and some for the recipes.  However, the vast majority of people who purchase the book

who do not have FMS, buy it for someone they care about that has fibromyalgia.  It is such a beautiful

thing for me to see the love in their eyes as they think about the person they care about and purchase

the book.

You may not realize how much you are thought about, cared for and loved by those around you.  I know

a lot of folks with FMS are hesitant to spend $30 on themselves for a book, but these folks who love you,

happily invest the money.  Most people feel so helpless, they jump at the chance to give their

loved ones some hope.  Witnessing this has been such an unexpected blessing.  Honestly, it is one of the

best parts of my job!


In the spirit of gift-giving, use the promo code MAY15 if you are purchasing the book as a gift (for yourself or a loved-one…after all you should love yourself!)

Yours in Joyful Health,



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