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Healthy Eating  organic food in usa Partners in Healing Me and Joel Salatin

Recently I was at The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Food Freedom Fest and Business Summit hosted by the Nutritional Therapy Association in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.  A spectacular setting for a fantastic event!!  I got to meet healing professionals from all over the country and I even got to meet a personal hero of mine, Joel Salatin, The Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-Farmer from Polyface Farm (sorry for the poor quality picture).  There is grass fed beef and other pasture-raised products available in the US mainly due to the efforts of Joel Salatin and people like him.  When farmers raise food that is nourishing, people are able to heal quicker and more completely.

In my book Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle I discuss is healing nutrition.  When one is recovering from fibromyalgia, good food is a necessity, but often difficult to acquire, much less prepare.  Now there is a short-cut: Paleo on the Go.  I met the owner of Paleo on the Go, Dave Rohdi, at this same conference.  He takes the high quality food made by farmers that are like-minded with Joel Salatin and makes them into ready-to-eat meals that can be shipped anywhere in the country.

If you are too sick to cook, too busy to cook, or you just don’t want to cook, but you want the highest quality, nourishing food like I make, I think Paleo on the Go is a great option.  While the way I eat is not strictly Paleo, the Paleo Diet is actually fairly close to what I do.  Dave sent me some delicious samples of his food and I was very impressed.  The quality and ingredients were outstanding, they were easy to heat up, and the portion sizes were perfect, just right!

My favorite was the Decadent Fudge, made with just dates, organic raw cacao powder, coconut oil and honey.  No refined sweeteners!  There was enough in the pack I could share with my son and husband too.  My second favorite item was the Elk Burger with Wild Mushrooms.  I was shocked by how tender the meat was.  When I reorder the next thing I want to try is the Thai Chicken Soup-Tom Kha Gai.

Paleo on the Go has a wide variety of foods, even those without nightshades in the Auto Immune Protocol Section (no nuts, seeds, nightshades or eggs).  They also have BROTH!  Real, honest to goodness broth that I am excited to tell you about.  I think the prices are also really fair, about the price you would pay for an entrée at a chain restaurant, but gourmet-quality food.

So here is a great deal if you want to give it a try, use coupon code FIBROLADY at for $20 off your first order of $150 or more.  I would love to hear about what you ordered and what you thought of it!

I thought I liked Whole Foods but then I saw this….

Whole Foods is a Destination!  I thought I liked Whole Foods but then I saw this…. whole foods daytonWhen I found out about a year ago that a Whole Foods grocery store was being built close to my new hometown, I was ecstatic, to say the least.  Since I am a Natural Healing Expert, eating good quality food plays a major role in my continued excellent health.  Choosing a store such as Whole Foods is very important for me, so the closer the better!   At this point, I thought the only thing that could make me love Whole Foods any more is if they gave away free food, or so I thought.

I went to the grand opening day of the Whole Foods store in Dayton, Ohio.  I have been all over the country and this is the largest Whole Foods I have ever been in: it has a huge area of hot, prepared foods and two indoor and two outdoor seating areas, BUT what got me so over-the-top excited (I don’t know how to say this without sounding like I have a drinking problem)  THEY HAVE A BAR!  Yes!  In the store!

For a multitude of reasons, I do not go to bars.  A lot of men have no idea how awkward a woman can feel going out to eat alone, and to go to a bar alone is practically unthinkable.   Most of the places I can think of that have decent quality, prepared food that you can eat on-site, are really nice sit-down restaurants.  So for the closest grocery store to my house (long walking distance) to have healthy prepared food, seating areas, and a BAR, well now I can take myself out for a date any time I want 🙂

Talk about multi-tasking!  I can shop for groceries, eat a meal, walk home, take my little boy with me (or not), meet friends there, go alone, or even meet my husband there for dinner. Hmm, it is kind of hike, and my dog needs exercising, I wonder if they will have a doggy date night?

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