Where’s Leah?

Where’s Leah?  All Over!

Anaheim, CA

 The 16th Annual Wise Traditions Conference, hosted by Weston Price in Anaheim, California was November 12-16th. I networking with other healers and educators while learning all about the cutting edge science behind natural healing.  Also, I will be enjoying fantastic food!  That is something I do not get to do a lot out in public so I’m glad I was able to attend.  Here’s a video of the action.

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In The New Year

I already have several speaking engagements lined up for the New Year and I will announce those as they get closer.  If you know of or have a group that would like an inspirational, informative and engaging speaker, feel free to contact me at Leah@TheFibroLady.com.


A Keynote Speaker at a Medical Conference

This might be the most exciting thing I have done to date!  I am one of the keynote speakers at the Southeast Regional Integrative Medical Conference 2016.  It will be held March 4-5, 2016 in Winston-Salem, NC.  

What the most interesting part for me is that I have now gone from doctors not believing me to doctors paying me to hear how I recovered from fibromyalgia, and how they can help their patients recover too.  Isn’t it amazing how life works?!


Big Announcement – Everywhere!

And, as I mentioned in The Support article, I will be live everywhere coming January 26-28, 2016 for The Healing Fibromyalgia ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ ME World Telesummit. This is a FREE virtual event, meaning everyone that registers will have free access to listen to the interviews.  

I will be interviewing doctors and other experts in from all over the world to discuss how they are helping people heal from these supposedly incurable conditions.

This is the biggest project I have undertaken since starting to write my book and I am very excited about it.  We will be announcing more details as well as the speaker roster in the coming weeks.


Well, that’s about it for now!  Keep up to date on all my happenings on the Where’s Leah tab on my website and stay in touch with me on FaceBook, Twitter, and, YouTube.

Yours in joy and health,


The Fibro Lady

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