Whey Recipe

Easy Whey Recipe

By Natural Health Expert, Leah E. McCullough

Makes ¼ Cup

Whey is the liquid part of the jar of yogurt or sour cream when it has separated.  Some people throw it out and some stir it back in.  Whey is actually a highly bio-available protein and it contains lacto-bacilli cultures.  These microorganisms are what make foods ferment and increase their nutritional content, among other things.  (So stir it back in!) This whey recipe is organic and easy!


1 cup high quality yogurt, full fat (6%), organic, from grass-fed cows such as from Snowville Creamery


Take a medium sized mixing bowl and set in on the counter where it will not be disturbed.  Place an 8 inch stainless steel mesh strainer over the bowl.  Line the strainer with a lint-free kitchen towel, cheesecloth doubled up, or, in a pinch, 2 layers of paper towels.

Pour the yogurt into the lined strainer.  Cover loosely and let sit overnight.  In the bowl you will have the liquid, the whey, and in the strainer you will have “cream cheese,” which is nothing like commercial cream cheese.

This whey recipe will yield you about enough whey to start a batch of beet kvass (click for recipe).  You can eat the “cream cheese” but it is very tart.  It tastes better with a little raw honey added to it.