Freedom from Fibromyalgia

(an excerpt from my book Freedom From Fibromyalgia:7 Steps to Complete Recovery)

My story is similar to a lot of other peoples’ story I have heard over the years.  I am telling it here to show you how low I got, to the point I didn’t want to go on living.  Then with the help of a professional health care practitioner who really understood fibromyalgia, how I regained my vibrant life.  I am sharing with you everything I learned so you can recover too!

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Leah, “Before” in 2007

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It’s kind of hard for me to look at this picture now.  This was taken in 2007 at the VA hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This was taken during the height of my illness, just before I started to recover.  I remember I was having a fairly decent day for that time.  I also remember I thought I was smiling, which shows you how flat my “affect” was.  Basically, my facial expressions were flat compared to how I was feeling.

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