For Supplements, including SH Zeolite and SH Ferm Plus Pro:
Ripples’ Health Shop, LLC:
tel. 937-999-1369

For sauerkraut, beet kvass and other fermented vegetables:
Fab Ferments:
tel. 513-236-9779 (they will ship!)

For real food information:
The Weston A. Price Foundation:
Local Harvest:
GAPS Diet info:
Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation:

For Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter Oil:
Green Pastures:

For Coconut Oil:
Tropical Traditions:

For water filters and bovine gelatin:
Radiant Life Company:

For energetic healing:
Carol Tuttle:

For Meridian Tapping:
Emotional Freedom Technique:

Holistic Practitioners:
Victoria Smith:

Medical Doctors:
Hal Blatman, M.D.:

Organic, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk:
Snowville Creamery, whole milk, half and half, cream, crème fraiche and whole milk yogurt: