Grounding and Warmth

Technically, Grounding and Warmth are two tips, but together they work synergistically.

Grounding and Warmth groundedHave you ever had electrical work done on your house and saw them put a grounding rod in the ground and connect it to your electrical system?  This is because the earth absorbs electricity – it is actually grounding. Our bodies are an electrical system too, and at rest, a human body can generate about 100 watts of electricity! We can achieve grounding by just connected to the earth, such as walking barefoot.

The fourth tip on the “5 Simple, Unique and Fast Ways to Help Fibro Pain NOW Where Ever You Are” Infographic is Ground with Warmth. For this tip, try sitting in a sunny area barefoot, with your feet touching the earth, for only about 10 minutes – you can go longer if you have the time. Daily practice of this is cumulative and can help in many other ways as well.

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