Simple Help for RLS

Try this for RLS relief RLS Simple Help for RLS desperate 2293377 640In my Take Your Health Back Group Coaching Program I am regularly amazed by the people in it.  Not only are they a positive group of individuals focused on recovering their health, but they also teach me about new information that I can then pass on to the rest of our amazing community, like this simple technique to reduce RLS.

RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome, is a very common coexisting condition with fibromyalgia.  So, after one has addressed things like:

  • gut health (with “The Healing Cleanse” as noted in my free ebook Lose Up to 15 Pounds Without Exercising, Starving, or Stressing)
  • adequate intake of the mineral magnesium, which almost everyone is deficient in (I like this lotion as it does not make my skin itch)
  • and other healing modalities such as stretching and diet, there can still be issues with RLS.

My client says when she is bothered in the evening with RLS she does this mindful meditation technique:  she tenses the muscles in her legs for a few seconds and then releases the muscles.  You may recognize this from different relaxation and meditation techniques.  For a body-wide way to deeply relax, systematically go through muscle groups and tense them up, and then relax them.  I like to start with my face, then move to my neck, down to my shoulders, etc.

In this specific RLS technique, she just focuses on the leg muscles, tensing and relaxing to sort of reset the muscles so that they stop twitching.  If you try this let me know how it works for you.

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